got two packages today from Juniper Ridge and Annie’s Dead Sea Warehouse. it’s so exciting to get packages!!! lots of goodies in these boxes that traveled in trucks and maybe in the air to get to me. molly tried dead sea warehouses soap, face polish, mud mask and lotion. she liked it, but i’ll get her to make a post or a comment on her **experience**

dada listens to npr. cannnooot focus on words in head and words in the air

my favorite book is: Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes!!! this book is an amazing help in my life all the time. it is like the bible for me.

i’ve been working on some lavender infused apple cider vinegar. i should take some pictures, maybe, you think? and maybe some directions too. directions are easy though. put whatevah you want in the vinegar (hot dogs, butter, nails**) then put it in a glass jar in a sunny window. shake the jar daily and 2 weeks later…..done! i use vinegar on my hair as a rinse. i mix the vinegar with water so its no so potent. usually 1 part vinegar 4-6 parts water. i put it on my hair and leave it for about a minute and wash it out. my boyfriend tells me i smell like a pickle, but i also use it for other reasons, like it makes my hair shiny and healthy and soft, and keeps my scalp feeling nice. no proofreading dont care

**if you don’t have natural hot dogs, butter or nails in your garden, you can use any other plant that you like, except poisonous ones or ones that make you hurt! lavender, mint types, catnip, yarrow are some that i am using right now.