This soap is a great soap for a small period of time (at least for sensitive skin). It really takes away all the oils and impurities on the skin. The reason I say it’s good for a small period of time is because it really dried out my skin after awhile of using it (after about two weeks). I use a different soap now, but will use this Mud Bar about once  or twice a week to really clean my face, and so I don’t get too bored with the skin regimen! The bar lasts a very long time (a couple months at least, but longer if you just use it on your face). The bar has quite a bit of dead sea mud, which I also really like. All the mud really seems to cleanse and detoxify the face. But I don’t know this for certain, since i have not read about dead sea mud in other places other than the Dead Sea Warehouse. It keeps my sometimes-problem-zits at bay. Be a brave bug and try it.

$7.25 for a 3.75 oz. bar

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, 100% Dead Sea Mud and lots of love!