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I’m gonna do it, all by myself! But not today. I must first bring together all my materials and bowls. Stay tuned. For now, play with this cool soap calculator.


This soap is a great soap for a small period of time (at least for sensitive skin). It really takes away all the oils and impurities on the skin. The reason I say it’s good for a small period of time is because it really dried out my skin after awhile of using it (after about two weeks). I use a different soap now, but will use this Mud Bar about once¬† or twice a week to really clean my face, and so I don’t get too bored with the skin regimen! The bar lasts a very long time (a couple months at least, but longer if you just use it on your face). The bar has quite a bit of dead sea mud, which I also really like. All the mud really seems to cleanse and detoxify the face. But I don’t know this for certain, since i have not read about dead sea mud in other places other than the Dead Sea Warehouse. It keeps my sometimes-problem-zits at bay. Be a brave bug and try it.

$7.25 for a 3.75 oz. bar

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, 100% Dead Sea Mud and lots of love!

Today is my 2nd day using this cleanser. I love it. I don’t need to use that much because it comes out lathered up so I don’t lose tons of the soap in between my fingers if I were to lather it up on my hands. For this cleanser, I defiantly have to wash twice, instead of just once. It’s not concentrated enough to get all oils off of my face the first time. One thing I am skeptical about is that the first ingredient is water. I feel like it’s a bit pricey for the amount you get, but I will re-post when I figure out how long a 5 oz bottle lasts me. After the 5oz bottle is empty though, you can get a refillable 8 oz bottle for $15.95. Foaming bottle with 5 oz. of soap is $12.95.

CONTAINS: Purified spring water, aloe vera gel, castile soap, seaweed,
glycerine, witch hazel, vitamin C (ester), and grapefruit seed extract.

Coconut Cleansing Milk did not have an amazing smell. It was very too much coco-nutty. But it makes my face feel really clean, moisturized, and nourished (really, i’m not sure quoting from the brand’s name). I have to use it twice to get off excess oils and lotions and makeup. I feel like it doesn’t mega-clean how I like my soap to, so I like to use it as a morning refresher, instead of at night when I want to get my make up and lotions off. It’s good for when my skin is damaged, as opposed to already healthy and thriving. For example, I’d use it if I had a sunburn, but not if I want a really fresh, squeaky clean face. The price is $15 for 8oz. Is it worth it? I’m borderline yes/no mostly because of the strong smell I dislike, and because it takes quite a bit to clean your face (it doesn’t lather up). Go ahead and try it and see what you like/dislike about it.

CONTAINS: Organic aloe vera gel, coconut milk, vegetable glycerin, kukui nut oil, coconut oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, xanthum gum, coconut flavoring, glucose, and enzyme.

i just ate some maple syrup and am feeling the blahs now. i have been feeling the blog bitters lately and so haven’t posted in a long time. but here’s a soap i tried and it is really great because it smells good and cleans good. it smells just like being in a forest. it lifts up my spirits when im feeling down in the morning or right before work. the next best thing would be to rub up against a tree to smell. this stuff is reallly very potent in it’s cedar smell. get it! and try the other smells they have. i am going to too. after using this soap, i really think i would go out and buy anymore soap from any other company but this one. the smell is just that fantastic. no fakey stuff or anything! ok, am i done typing now? yes!