underneath the surface of grass

let go of your heavy thighs and jump


i just ate some maple syrup and am feeling the blahs now. i have been feeling the blog bitters lately and so haven’t posted in a long time. but here’s a soap i tried and it is really great because it smells good and cleans good. it smells just like being in a forest. it lifts up my spirits when im feeling down in the morning or right before work. the next best thing would be to rub up against a tree to smell. this stuff is reallly very potent in it’s cedar smell. get it! and try the other smells they have. i am going to too. after using this soap, i really think i would go out and buy anymore soap from any other company but this one. the smell is just that fantastic. no fakey stuff or anything! ok, am i done typing now? yes!


got two packages today from Juniper Ridge and Annie’s Dead Sea Warehouse. it’s so exciting to get packages!!! lots of goodies in these boxes that traveled in trucks and maybe in the air to get to me. molly tried dead sea warehouses soap, face polish, mud mask and lotion. she liked it, but i’ll get her to make a post or a comment on her **experience**

dada listens to npr. cannnooot focus on words in head and words in the air

my favorite book is: Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes!!! this book is an amazing help in my life all the time. it is like the bible for me.

i’ve been working on some lavender infused apple cider vinegar. i should take some pictures, maybe, you think? and maybe some directions too. directions are easy though. put whatevah you want in the vinegar (hot dogs, butter, nails**) then put it in a glass jar in a sunny window. shake the jar daily and 2 weeks later…..done! i use vinegar on my hair as a rinse. i mix the vinegar with water so its no so potent. usually 1 part vinegar 4-6 parts water. i put it on my hair and leave it for about a minute and wash it out. my boyfriend tells me i smell like a pickle, but i also use it for other reasons, like it makes my hair shiny and healthy and soft, and keeps my scalp feeling nice. no proofreading dont care

**if you don’t have natural hot dogs, butter or nails in your garden, you can use any other plant that you like, except poisonous ones or ones that make you hurt! lavender, mint types, catnip, yarrow are some that i am using right now.

Found an interesting site that talks about the chemicals in sunscreen.

Toxic Sunscreens

The company Juniper Ridge, makes some really really really really great incense. It is my favorite incense in the world that I have tried so far. I am only 21 years old, but this stuff needs to be bought and used by YOU, right now. I use incense when I’m feeling down, when I want to purify the house, or after I clean. So far, I have tried two incense “flavor smells” by them: White Sage & Cedar. My most favorite of the two is Cedar. It smells like my Dad’s old cabin out in the woods of Shady Pass in Washington. It doesn’t just smell like “a campfire.” It smells like the fresh woody air and ground after a peaceful gentle rain in autumn. Oh bla bla bla, just go out and buy it and you’ll see.

I found a 100% natural, healthy deodorant that smells great and works great too, made by MuddyH20. thank you universe! Only problem (and there are creative ways I have gotten around this) is that the white powder shows up easily on dark colored tank tops if you decide to put on the deodorant before the shirt, or if you change your clothes a whole bunch before finding the perfect outfit like me :)! To not have this happen I mix the deodorant with lotion or oil and then put it on after I put my shirt on or I put on my deodorant very carefully around the arm pit hole. Also, this deodorant is strictly for making odor smell good and flowery, rather than stopping the sweat come out. I have been using it for about 1.5 years and am not wanting anything different. Except I might decide to create my own deodorant with these same ingredients someday. But for now, I love to support this great company. The company has a male deodorant as well. Price: $7

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Maranta Arundinacea (arrowroot powder), Kaolin Clay, Trigonella Foenum-gracum (fenu-greek seed powder), therapeutic trade essential oils that promote good health.

Buy here: http://store.escentialonline.com/pit-powder-p4943.aspx

Barbara’s organic homemade herbals are great! I take her Nettles Tincture daily to help my allergies (and it has also magically kept the redness in my face down as well). I’ve tried many of her oil. Her Skinny Massage Oil is one of my all time favorite oils and the chap sticks she makes soothe chapped lips. Her Leave-In Conditioner is really great too. Heck, all of her things are worth trying. She works from home, and grows many of her own herbs. Support this great local woman!